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Angel Francisco Condom, P.A.

As a Title Insurance and Real Estate Law Firm we  provide you with personal representation by an Attorney from afc law throughout your closing. 

We look forward to being the architect of your successful real estate transactions.

If you need title in Aventura, or a lawyer in Golden Beach and Sunny Isles we are the Florida Title Insurance and Real Estate Law Firm to service your real estate needs. Contact afc law today to discuss your personal or corporate real estate closings,  real estate or personal trust, corporate and or limited liability company objectives.

Since 2001 our firm has been providing real estate legal help in Miami Dade and Broward, Florida.  Whether you need help with buying real estate or help with selling real estate, help with selling a business and or help with real estate investments; we possess the expertise, experience and common sense.  We can set up an LLC, set up a corporation, set up a trust, set up a partnership (foreign or domestic), provide assistance preparing real estate contracts, provide assistance understanding a lease or assist in managing a commercial lease property you own. 


Call us, writes us or just post on this site.


We are here to help you with your real estate and corporate needs from the planning stage until long after you have closed on your new property. Our clients are loyal, we don't accept every client, the ones we have, stay and have prospered with us through the years. Contact us and find out what we can do for you. If the fit is right, we will make a difference in your deal,  provide legal help for your business and contribute to your success. 

Below is a list of the most common, but not all, matters we help our clients with:

Real Estate Closings

Commercial transactions

Commercial and residential leases

Deeds of Title


Escrow agent services (Florida real estate closings only)

Enhanced Life Estates

Quit Claim Deeds

Land contracts

Liens resolution (real estate)

Loan document preparation and due diligence

Loan Financing and Refinancing

Power of Attorney

Property boundary disputes

Purchase agreements

Sales agreements

Settlement services

Title insurance

Title examination



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