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Real Estate Attorney Aventura

Buying a home is an important investment. For many individuals, it’s one of the most substantial possessions in their portfolio. That’s why it’s essential that any real estate transaction is executed without issues that can undermine the transfer or ownership of the property. 


Added to the stress of buying the right property for the best price, are all the complexities associated with the closing. That is one of the main reasons why a real estate attorney in Aventura is such an important asset to have by your side. 


Real estate attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to guide you through this transaction. When the time comes for you to put your property on the market, your real estate closing lawyer can provide all the support that you require.

afc law: Your Aventura Real Estate Attorney


Working with afc law, Aventura real estate attorney, means that you are working with someone who is fully authorized to prepare and review all contracts and documents related to either the purchase or the sale of a home. As a real estate attorney, Angel Condom can guide you throughout your transaction from start to finish. If you have any questions after closing, afc law will continue to provide you with ongoing support. 

Through the years, our law firm has acquired a reputation in the industry that allows our attorney to recommend anything related to real estate that our clients might need. We maintain excellent relationships with banks and lenders and are often able to provide input with regard to surveyors, appraisers, and other professionals you may need to complete your unique real estate project.

Difficult Transactions


You may require a knowledgeable real estate attorney when you have a difficult situation that you need to resolve — Whether you are facing a short sale, a foreclosure, a bankruptcy, or maybe when you want to buy a property that you have discovered is owned by a bank. In these situations, your real estate attorney can ensure that there are no hidden liens and that the property’s title is free and clear. On the other hand, if you have a lien filed against you, the advice of a knowledgeable attorney can be invaluable. 

Should you be interested in purchasing a property that is part of someone’s estate, or one that is located in an area that may be prone to experiencing natural disasters, has had issues with termites, or has been exposed to any kind of environmental contaminant, an experienced real estate attorney can put you in contact with the right professionals to assist you with these matters and negotiating a resolution to liens, resolving environmental contamination issues or disputes with your contractors if you already own a property with these problems.

When the property you are interested in has an addition built on or has recently been remodeled, your Aventura real estate attorney can confirm that the additions meet all of today’s building codes and help you negotiate with the City of Aventura, the City of Hollywood, the City of North Miami or the City of Golden Beach if required to help you make an informed choice and possible negotiate a better price. afc law can review all the real estate purchase documents to help keep you safe from unpleasant or unforeseen surprises when you buy real estate.

Aventura Commercial Real Estate


As a business owner, you are interested in having an ideally-located, affordable place to conduct your business. afc law can guide you through the purchase of your commercial real estate, including:

  • Negotiating the Purchase and Sale contract

  • Loan review and negotiation

  • Corporate structuring

  • Due diligence to determine city business requirements

  • Zoning

  • Development

  • Resolution of possible disputes 


Your Aventura real estate attorneys at afc law could ensure that your best interests are protected.

Leasing in Aventura


If you are interested in leasing commercial property, particularly during the early stages of your business when you do not want to commit to a purchase, your real estate lawyer will understand your needs and review your lease contract to make sure you understand the terms and how they affect you and your business. Let afc law provide you with the information you need to make vital decisions about the real estate needs of your business.

Selling Properties in Aventura


Selling a commercial property presents its own set of challenges. Your Aventura real estate lawyer can help you prepare your property for sale and shorten the time it takes to close your transaction by vetting your buyers, helping you select a realtor, counselling you with corporate needs and requirements for the sale of your real estate or business itself.

When afc law is on your side, you can be sure that the transaction will be completed smoothly and promptly.

Transfer of Title


When you need to transfer title ownership of a real estate property, as the seller, you have to provide the deed that will be signed at the closing. afc law will prepare the necessary documents and represent you during the closing. Since there are different types of deeds used to convey real estate, your attorney will make sure you can resolve any issues that might prevent the new owner from qualifying for a mortgage or transferring a clear title. 

These are the main types of deeds used in Florida real estate transactions:

Warranty Deed


Florida Warranty deeds assert or “warranties” that the owner of the property is the current owner and that the current owner or grantor holds the buyer or grantee harmless from title defects, undisclosed liens and or other encumbrances. The seller agrees to protect the buyer from damages caused by a defective title.

Statutory Warranty Deed


Statutory warranty deeds were created as a short form of the Warranty Deed.

Special Warranty Deed


The difference between a special warranty deed and a Florida warranty deed lies mainly in the fact that in a special warranty deed the current owner’s assertions or warranties only apply to the period during which they held title to the property and are not responsible for warranting the property from the time it was built and while it was in the hands of different owners. The seller agrees to protect the buyer from damage to the title caused only by them.

Quit Claim Deed


This document only covers the title of the property to the new owner without offering any warranties. The grantor is only conveying whatever ownership interest that they have in the property to the person receiving this type of deed. This type of deed transfer title subject to any lien or encumbrances they may or may not exist whether caused by the grantor or not.

Other types of deeds exist for Trusts, Probate, Divorce or inheritance matters and your real estate attorney will prepare the one that best fits your needs.

Life Estate Deed


The deeds outlined above may all be prepared in order to bestow the recipient with ownership for life and then to a family member, to another person or even a trust they wish to receive the subject property, you may ask for more information on this type of Deed if you are concerned about who will receive your property should anything happen to you.

Call to schedule an appointment to discuss what kind of deed best meets your needs.

Your Aventura Real Estate Attorney Will Take Care of All your Real Estate Needs


Whether you need to negotiate a purchase or sales agreement for a residential or commercial property, search the title of a property, prepare a deed, require documents related to the purchase or sale or rental properties, or first time buyer or an experienced real estate investor,  maybe you are an out-of-town buyer looking to close on a property in Florida, afc law can take care of all your real estate needs. Ask us about the Florida FARBAR AS IS Residential Contract vs Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase, your Lease Agreement or Rental Agreement, we can help you understand your rights, your obligations, the benefits and possible pitfalls.  Call to schedule an appointment today.

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